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Tip from our support: Group delegate/dispatch

2017-08-07 13:33

Here comes a strong tip to you who delegate/dispatch service orders.

Have you seen the possibilities with the Batch processing function in WinServ which can be used for delegate/dispatch service orders to technician. If not check out this short guide.

In the toolbar, select the symbol with the three small figures (Red / Green / Blue) or select Programs> Service functions> Batch processing.

Now you have the option to select in the group “Filter the list” just the same way you do in the service order list.

For example, if you wish to delegate 3 service orders to a technician, double click on the three lines or select and press the “Select >>” button to appear in the smaller list on the right. Should you press “Select all>”, all will be displayed. If you regret you, you can either press the “< Remove” button or the “<< Remove all” button.

Once you have made your selections, mark “Technician” in the small box in the right bottom corner and then indicate which technician you want to insert on the selected service orders. If you select “Status” you can also choose which status the selected service orders will receive.

Tip, if you enlarge the image, you can also select in the “Show” group, select if you want to see Notified Work, Times, Actions or Order Rows. Very useful function.

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