WinServ is a complete software solution for the service management industry designed for companies with external and internal services. The system is developed in cooperation with business leaders and service managers from several companies in various industries.

“The WinServ method”

We have developed a method, called “The WinServ method”, meaning that we secure the processes of installation and training of staff. Our consultants are well versed in the business processes that apply to companies with external and internal services. The consultants are trained in our products and will give you tips and suggestions on how WinServ would fit into your company. We know your processes.


Our focus is to work in a way that holds down the implementation time and costs. We work according to schedule and always look to keep the milestones in the calendar. If an anomaly occurs, we will inform the management and relevant staff.

We work both vertically and horizontally during the implementation phase due to the importance of getting all departments in your company involved in introducing a new service management system.

We make sure that the start date of the production is held and our support is always at your service.

WinServ offers:

  • Profitability Control
  • A more efficient organization
  • Fresh statistics
  • Less administration
  • Complete control of customers, items and orders
  • Improved use of resources
  • Reduced travel costs


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