Alarm and safety

Alarm and safety

No other system can document your security installations in such a way that WinServ can. Everything is within reach of your fingertips.

Security installations

WinServ keeps you in touch with your security installation parameters, sections and equipment. You can store information about each installation and work with custom tabs for burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, access control, electronics, etc. You can also print installation forms, terminal board and various types of security installation forms.

Service contract management

Upon notification of work orders, quickly and easily register a service order for the current security installation. Delegate the serviceorder to the appropriate technician who executes the order and supply times and parts. The service order is automatically transferred to your ERP system for billing.

Service order planning

Use a service order calendar to plan and delegate service orders to the appropriate technician/mechanic. You always have control over this week’s planned orders and can see this graphically in a Gantt chart.

Maintenance service

It is possible to create a prototype package for large maintenance jobs. WinServ support management and administration of keys. 

Project management

With the WinServ project module you can create estimates and plan your resources. Combine this with the tools for project tracking and accounting.

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