The maintenance of your lifts will be a simple thing with WinServ. Every installation will be documented.

Complete control over the lifts.

WinServ has been developed in close cooperation with major companies in the elevator industry and we have tailor-made adjustments for all possible parts of the business.

Elevator registry

Registered lifts appear in the elevator registry. Supply serial number, model, installation address, references and other information about the installation. Specify if the customer has a service agreement and/or the agreed fees. You also specify whether the client has any accessories installed. History is stored per object of all events such as service orders, contract billing etc.

Service order management

Quickly and easily register a service order related to the current object. Manager delegates service orders to the appropriate technician who executes the order and supply information about the case and any used parts etc. The service order is automatically transferred to your ERP-system for billing.

Service order planning

Plan your service orders via the graphical Gantt chart in which you via the “Drag & drop” method can delegate service orders to the appropriate technician/mechanic. You always have control over this week’s planned orders and can see this graphically.

Keep track of keys and inspection date.

Organized activities

With WinServ you can easily organize activities and documentation about the elevators. We provide several features that has been developed in close cooperation with our customers.

Keys and parameters

We provide a module for key management. You can link the keys to the street address and/or lifts and then look up the correct key when the time comes. Technicians can directly via their cell phones get information about keys and access necessary technical data.

Priority jobs

WinServ also allows you to set different priority classes of service jobs. High priority jobs –   if people are stuck in the elevator for example. WinServ automatically prioritizes jobs depending on situation allowing you to quickly have people on hand.

Project module

With the WinServ project module you can create estimates and plan your resources. Combine this with the tools for project tracking and accounting.

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