Document office machines

Document office machines

Let WinServ manage the billing of contracts for your customer’s document processing machines. Your field technicians may finally use an effective tool.

WinServ gives you complete control over your fleet.

WinServ has been developed in close cooperation with major companies in the document business and we have tailor-made adjustments for all possible parts of the business.

Machine registry

Every system is added to the system registry. You specify the installation address, references and other information about the installation. You specify if the customer has a service agreement and/or agreed charges. History is stored per object of all events such as service orders, contract billing etc.

Activity management

Quickly and easily register a service order related to the current object. Manager delegating service order to the appropriate technician who executes the order and supply information about the case and any used parts etc. The service order is automatically transferred to your ERP-system for billing.

Contract Management

With WinServ you can administer contracts with both fixed and variable parts, rent or other recurring charges. In addition, you will find functions for global increase in the price agreement.


In WinServ you will also find a powerful reporting tool where you can create profit analysis by customer, facility etc. You will also find several statistics and history reports.

Meter readings

If you use report cards to collect meter reading information, WinServ provides several ways to streamline the process. WinServ can via e-mail send a link to the customers where consumers can fill in the current consumption which get stored directly in WinServ.


To save even more time WinServ can automatically read the meter readings via a so-called M2M solution (machine to machine). Currently we offer such links through JetAdvice, PrintFleet or FMAudit.

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