A complete service management system for service industries. Developed in cooperation with leading companies.

All information collected in WinServ provides your staff with an invaluable opportunity to give your customers quick and accurate replies. You will be able to take the right decisions at the right time. WinServ also gives you a competitive advantage. We can help you see opportunities and improve processes in your company with the help of WinServ. It is important to understand the processes and information flows within companies in service industries.
With WinServ you can obtain a professional IT support for the flow of information and control of the service process.

WinServ Office is the Windows-based client in the office administered by staff.


1. The client registers a service call straight into WinServ using WinServ Customer Online or by contacting the helpdesk.
2. Helpdesk receives the call and registers the information in WinServ.
3. WinServ automatically delegates the call to the appropriate technician based on education.
4. The planner can also manually assign and delegate technicians.
5. The technician sees the work directly via their laptop or PDA/phone. When the job is done and technician finishes the call, WinServ then creates and make invoice that gets sent to your finance system.

Benefits of WinServ

  • WinServ makes your company measurable
  • The business becomes financially measurable
  • You keep track of where costs come from and why
  • Keep track of resources that have different (up / down) densities
  • Quality/quantity is measured
  • WinServ helps you to streamline operations
  • Simplified billing procedures for contracts
  • Liquidity is enhanced by faster invoice flows
  • Work is done once and later reused
  • Time and salary details are automatically created
  • WinServ help you ensure the quality of your routines
  • No cases or assignments are lost
  • You get a complete history and an updated information about the client
  • WinServ has effects that increase the quantity of sales (volume and money)
  • WinServ improves customer relations through proper resources at the right job

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