CRM support

The CRM module is a powerful tool designed for the sales team. Manage appointments, phone calls, meetings etc.


The seller registers his/her activity and the result of it. After registration there is option available for recurring new tasks.

The seller has an overview in a planning calendar where also activites can be created. There is also an option for having the information presented in list form.


Create your reservations and events in the planning calendar and view yours along with colleagues’ reservations through a graphical Gantt chart.

You can also display your own calendar in a weekly format.


The budget can be managed both for activities and amounts. The seller can easily follow up on his/her goals and monitor his/her sales.

Prospects and contacts

The seller can create his/her own prospects and contacts.
All information is stored for easy future reporting and mailings. Activities and notes are easily accessible for everyone.

Sales forecasts

Access to a system for management of sales forecasting and calculation of expected sales.


The seller can make notes of potential competitors and when the customer’s contract expires. A monitoring service can automatically keep track of contracts and remind the seller in good time.

The CRM module is integrated with other modules in WinServ which gives the seller the opportunity to easily follow up on contract, service and order history.

Sales manager features

Sales managers can monitor all the calendars and get an overview of the sales team’s performance.

Sales managers can also work with mailings to selected customers either through promotions or direct by creating activities for the sellers. Mailings can be made by e-mail, letter, SMS (text message) or exported to Microsoft Excel.

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