ERP integration

ERP integration

Means that WinServ is linked to your accounting system to automatically transmit changes in customers, suppliers, items and inventory between the systems. This is to avoid doubleregistration in the two systems. One of the systems must be selected as the master where the maintenance of records is done.

WinServ also integrates with your administrative system. Examples of systems that can be integrated are:

  • Visma administration
  • Visma Global
  • Visma Business
  • Scala
  • WinBas
  • XOR
  • Pyramid
  • Navision
  • FDT
  • Amanda
  • Jeeves
  • Garp
  • GMS
  • Concord XAL
  • Microsoft Dynamics

If your system is not in the list please get in contact with us.

Other intergration possibilities

It is possible to integrate WinServ with other databases via WinServs XML interface and web services.

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