How can I extend my WinServ licenses?

Contact us at WS Software AB and we will get back to you.

What is the latest version of WinServ?

The latest version of WinServ II R2 is release 2011.1 Dated 27/06/2011

Can you access WinServ via an Internet browser?

WinServ Office is an offline solution, but we offer customized online applications for your laptop/mobile phone.

How does the licensing work?

One license in WinServ represents one simultaneously logged in user.

In our online applications for engineers and sales people, the licenses are allocated per simultaneously logged in users.

In our customer online application, the licenses are allocated on customer level.

Which database do you recommend for WinServ?

We recommend Microsoft SQL Server or Pervasive SQL Version V9-V11.

Is it possible to access WinServ data via external tools?

Of course! To access WinServs data, you need to install an ODBC-driver and connect to the database.

Do WinServ support different languages?

Yes, WinServ has support for different languages. At the moment there are modules made for WinServ in these languages:
Swedish, english, dutch, danish, arabic and russian.

After update of WinServ I recived a message concering a missing e-mail component.

It means that WinServ has a new e-mail componet and your WinServ administrator has to reinstall WS Client.

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