We hold various courses in WinServ-use, targeted to both novice and experienced users.


The basic courses provide new staff a basic introduction to WinServ. The syllabus is tailored to the roles of staff working in WinServ and their tasks. The aim of these courses is WinServ be perceived as a tool for relieving the user and by WinServ optimize the daily workflow. Hence the focus is on handling, simplification and understanding of the processes that WinServ supports. By joining any of these courses ensure the correct use of WinServ and thereby increases the quality of the data that forms the basis of invoices and reports.

Further training

The aim of further education is such to refine the way they work with reports and to learn to create reports that are easy to present and understand. The target group is companies that worked with WinServ for a long time but who may not yet exercised WinServs reporting tools to the fullest. The aim is to create WinServ understandable whole images and through these more efficient. This is achieved by structuring the way they report and to occupy themselves by the Office Suite and in particular Excel.

How do I participate in a WinServ training?

The courses are held according to deltagarintresse. We have repeatedly held training days at Långholmens Conference facility in Stockholm. For such occasions, we go out with information on the website and via email. We will also gladly out to your business and keep the course on site, which is often very rewarding when the participants can practice in their real working environment.

Customized training

If you wish, we can customize kusen for your needs. This means that we will tailor a program that we agree with you project. The course can be held by us or on your premises with your material. Please contact us with more information.

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